Lake Day! 5 Lake Granby Activities

As we approach the month of August, the Colorado sun is shining bright over Lake Granby. And what’s summer without the occasional lake day? (or week!) Whether you’re visiting the charming mountain town or are a long-time Granby local, there is plenty to do on & around one of the largest bodies of water in Colorado!


Fish from It

Lake Granby is a sought-after Colorado fishing destination in both winter and summer. Catch a Kokanee Salmon, hook a Rainbow fish, corral a Cutthroat, or trap some Brown and Mackinaw trout. And the fun doesn’t stop when the lake freezes over! In January, Granby hosts the largest ice fishing tournament in the west, The Three Lakes Ice Fishing Tournament.


Camp Around it

There is something so peaceful about waking up adjacent to a body of water. Lake Granby is surrounded by lakeside lodging. Whether you choose to be a happy camper or spend the night with a solid roof over your head in a cabin, there’s lodging in Granby, Colorado, that will keep you near the water. Wake up, splash around, repeat!


Boat on It

Looking out upon Lake Granby is great, but why not spend some time on it? We have two marinas that offer boat rentals on Lake Granby. Choose from pontoon boats, fishing boats, catamarans, and more. Bring the whole family along on a 24’ pontoon boat or grab a two-seater catamaran for a romantic jaunt around the lake surrounded by Arapahoe National Forest.


Coast in a Canoe

If you’re interested in taking in the lake a little closer to the water’s surface, grab a paddle! Beacon Landing offers canoe rentals when the lake is thawed so you can explore your way around the headwaters of the Colorado River.


Float on It During Dinghy Days!

On July 20th, The Granby Chamber invites lake lovers to float around on their favorite inflatable at Dinghy Days. This can’t-miss inaugural event is a unique way to take in Lake Granby.

Float Your Troubles Away at Dinghy Days

The weather is warming up and it’s time to take advantage of Colorado’s 300+ days of sunshine. Gather a group of friends and your most outrageous pool float and join the Granby and Grand Lake Chambers of Commerce for Dinghy Days! On July 20th, masses of floats (and their owners) will flock to Granby Lake in Granby, Colorado, to soak up the sun on their favorite inflatable.

For those of you who have never heard the term, a dinghy is a small, inflatable boat. We’ve likely all seen these vessels in the form of flamingos, donuts, and diamond rings gracing our social media feeds. But who needs a pool when you can float in an open lake while breathing in the fresh mountain air found in this charming town?

On July 20th from 11am-3pm, head to Quinette Point at Granby Lake to enjoy the floating festivities. If you’re coming from the city, taking the train from downtown Denver to Granby Station will make for an easy and environmentally friendly commute to Granby. Just make sure to blow up your raft AFTER your train ride. Prizes will be awarded for the most impressive floats so don’t hold back and get ready to float your troubles away!

Old Gas Station Turned Talk of the Town

For the Mayor of Granby, Colorado, a crumbling gas station spelled out major opportunity for a quaint mountain town 80 miles west of Denver.


Small Town Leader Saw Big Opportunity

Mayor of Granby Paul Chavoustie comes from a real estate background and saw big potential for locals and visitors upon experiencing the small town of Granby, CO. He felt Granby was in a prime location but was undervalued and underrepresented. Locals saw the way Chavoustie could turn a building filled with trash into a town treasure and became adamant about him becoming their visionary. When a forlorn gas station served as the first site visitors saw upon arriving in Granby, the mayor knew something had to be done and purchased a large piece of land housing the abandoned pumps among other unused entities.

The Chamber’s New Home

The updated structure started to take shape just as the Granby Chamber was looking for a new headquarters from which to serve the community. The stars aligned! The Chamber loved the space and decided to lease a portion of it. The Granby Chamber felt they had found their new home not just because of its “rags to riches” story, but because the abundance of outdoor space was perfect for community events. The Granby Chamber didn’t need 4,000 square feet of operating space, however, so along came a number of other businesses.

The Gas Station Today

Today, what used to be an abandoned gas station is now the center of the small town of Granby, Colorado. When visitors make their way into Granby or locals head to Main Street for their morning cup of coffee, they see the furthest thing from a town in ruins.

The co-op space features businesses like Westside 40, an artisan market located just adjacent to the Chamber’s offices. The shop features unique souvenirs from local artists and vendors. Rocky Mountain Roastery, a coffee shop with an existing location in Fraser, is soon to make its debut in the space, and a bike rental shop called Granby Westside Cycles recently opened there.

Upon arriving on Main Street, stop into the Chamber for guidance on your visit, grab a cup of coffee, shop local treasures, and head out for a bike ride around the scenic town! These businesses work together to create an experience that is truly unique to the town of Granby.

Granby Events

Join us this summer for one of our many events held at this unique space!

Every Friday Night at the Lot
Play competitive cornhole, munch on food truck eats, and enjoy live entertainment every week.
RKY MTN WALLS Mural Festival
Watch top street artists paint breathtaking murals on downtown buildings.
Farmers & Artisan Market
Four times/ year, in July & August, head downtown for fresh goods and entertainment.

Your Mountain Escape is Just Down the Track

Escaping to the quaint mountain town of Granby, Colorado can be as simple as “all aboard!”

Need a break from city life? Dodge the smog and come spend a weekend in a cozy mountain town like Granby, CO! Granby is a charming town located in Grand County, Colorado, with no shortage of things to do and sights to see. Stunning mountain vistas surround this year-round mountain escape, a vacation destination more affordable than traditional resorts. Granby offers everything from music festivals and water sports in the warmer months to skiing and a dip in the Hot Sulphur Springs when the snow falls.

What’s more, journeying to this picturesque destination can be enjoyable and have a low impact on the environment. Taking the train from Union Station in downtown Denver to Main Street Granby, 85 miles west of Denver, is a breeze. Amtrak makes a daily trip from Denver to Granby Station, giving you an unbeatable opportunity every day to make your way west and relieve some stress.

Hopping aboard the train is an environmentally friendly form of travel and a fun way to enjoy all Granby has to offer. Plus, not having to grip the steering wheel will free up your hands so you can wave goodbye to traffic and enjoy time with friends and family. Take in some new views along the way and perhaps even spot some of the wildlife known to dwell in the Rocky Mountains.

Whether you’re ridin’ solo or bringing the whole family along, our recommendation is to get off of your caboose and Experience the Alternative. Call 1-800-USA-RAIL or visit Amtrak for reservations.

Cornhole, Food Trucks, and Bands, Oh My — Friday Night at the Lot!

Granby, Colorado, is diverse in its events, transitioning from the largest ice fishing tournament west of the Mississippi to an epic weekly cornhole tournament come summertime. Upwards of 1,000 people, residents and visitors to Granby, populate the town’s converted gas station to kick off the weekend in true mountain town fashion. Every Friday night, Granby gathers at The Lot at Granby Chamber to celebrate summer.

Whether you refer to this popular recreational activity as “cornhole” or “bags”, there is a place for you to showcase your skills in the town of Granby while enjoying food, drinks, and live music. Cornhole tournaments start June 7th and spots book up FAST so don’t miss out. Oh, and this fun, competitive cornhole tournament boasts a cash prize, so assemble a team and bring your A game!

Cornhole not your jam? There’s plenty for those craving a more low-key night. From 6pm-9pm, enjoy a beer and wine garden as well as live music under the Rocky Mountain night sky. Breathe in the fresh Colorado mountain air and have a blast with friends and family. Cornhole, food trucks, and bands, oh my! Help Granby put even more excitement behind the term TGIF.

Entertainment Schedule:

  • June 7: Craig Pierce
  • June 14: Matt Brown
  • June 21: Craig Pierce
  • June 28: Bruce Stevenson
  • July 5: Bottlerocket Hurricane
  • July 12: The Conduits
  • July 19: Craig Pierce
  • July 26: Matt Brown
  • August 2: Craig Pierce
  • August 9: Scotty & Brian Duo
  • August 16: Bottlerocket Hurricane
  • CHAMPIONSHIP GAME August 23: Matt Brown

Ready to join this bag throwin’, music jammin’, beverage sippin’ good time? Visit the Chamber’s Facebook page for more information.

Paint the Town Red & Yellow & Green & … — RKY MTN WALLS Mural Festival

Street art is making its breathtaking mark on Granby, Colorado, in the best way, and visitors and locals alike are invited to witness its one-of-a-kind debut. Granby is partnering with Denver-based So-Gnar Creative Division to host the first ever RKY MTN WALLS, a Mural Festival on the town’s Main Street.

After So-Gnar created a mural in Granby just last year, the town decided to add even more pop to its landscape by replicating this form of expression up and down Main Street. The festival will take place June 19th-26th and is open to absolutely everyone, completely free. The town is inviting 16 talented artists, along with their own unique perspective, to paint the town red, yellow, blue, and an array of other colors in the form of murals.

Photo of mural

What’s so special about this event? It’s not just the awe-inspiring art, but the environmentally friendly form of travel the Granby Chamber boasts year-round. An Amtrak train is scooping the artists up at Union Station, a train station located in the heart of downtown Denver, and taking them straight to their canvases, buildings lining Granby, Colorado’s Main Street. Visitors are encouraged to hop on the Denver train for a stress-free commute to the Rocky Mountains!

The artists will collaborate in teams of two to create vibrant murals that inspire and encourage positivity. Artists bringing stunning street art to this small town will include:

Anthony Garcia Sr.
Armando Silva
Jaime Molina and Pedro Barrios
Josh Deitchman
Koko Bayer
Mike Graves
Pat McKinney
Pat Milbery
Rather Severe
Sandra Fettingis.

Step away from the city smog, experience the alternative and witness this inaugural event bringing a thriving local and national art scene to the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Come along for the ride as RKY MTN WALLS paints a bustling cultural legacy that Granby, Colorado can build upon for years to come. Visit the RKY MTN WALLS site to learn more.

Fall & Harvest

The hustle and bustle of the Summer season has come to a close. Everywhere we look there are reminders that Winter is coming. Take a hike or a stroll and the brilliant colors of Fall surround you. There is a crispness in the air. The smell of burning logs on the fire lingers and the beauty of the snow-capped peaks will take your breath away. Oh the beauty of Autumn. The elk are in rut, the crowds have thinned but the beauty and splendor of the Rocky Mountains is on display for all to see. 


Farmers Market Vendor: Bake My Day


"Eat dessert first, so there's always room for dessert."

Nancy Guinn walked into the Visitor Center one beautiful sunshiny afternoon and expressed interest in being a part of our 2017 Granby Farmers Market.

Little did I know, this woman – makes magic happen. Nancy has a passion for baking. Working as a cake decorator back at home in Florida, Nancy brings her talents to Colorado this summer, as she stays and enjoys our Grand County lifestyle.

There were also the most amazing s’mores bars. Unfortunately, they were devoured only moments after receiving them.

This buttercream is absolutely amazing. Not too sweet, creamy, delectable and delicious.

Bake My Day will be a vendor at the Granby Friday Farmers & Artisans Markets; July 21st; August 4th; August 18th & September 1st. Be sure to stop by and see Bake My Day!

Bake My Day
Nancy Guinn
(941) 404 0094


Adventure Life: Living in Granby, Colorado

Granby, Colorado – located 8,000 feet along the Continental Divide. Home to the Colorado River, Granby Ranch Resort, Grand Elk Golf Club, and where Adventure Awaits.

Granby is located in the center of Grand County, Colorado. Granby’s convenient location allows easy access to Rocky Mountain National Park, Granby Ranch & Winter Park Ski/Bike Resorts, and surrounded by Arapaho National Forest area.

The Granby community strives to make adventure a lifestyle. Families move to Granby to play before work, school and then again when the day is through. In the winter months, children in the East Grand School District take Fridays off and Ski for free at Granby Ranch Resort. Enjoy one of the many nordic ski trails in the area on your lunch break. Raft Byers canyon before sunset.

Granby is a proud Main Street community. Enjoy shopping, restaurants and a number of services provided in downtown Granby on Main Street. Granby’s Main Street provides a number of options for families living in the valley.

Adventures in Snow Mountain Ranch

Located near Granby, Winter Park, Rocky Mountain National Park and Grand Lake, Snow Mountain Ranch offers a wholesome environment where friends, families and groups enjoy a tranquil setting, more activities than anywhere else, and quality time together.
You can fill your day and nights at Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA with their programs and activities. Every season brings fun and excitement for the entire family.
During the summer months, explore various hiking trails, take a horseback ride in the mountains with Sombrero Stables, and even experience a first of it’s kind Summer Tubing hill. Crafts, archery, zip lining are all opportunities while staying at Snow Mountain Ranch. Not staying for the night? Not to worry! Patrons can purchase a $20/day pass to get in on all the great summer adventures Snow Mountain Ranch has to offer.
For more information visit Snow Mountain Ranch.