Lake Day! 5 Lake Granby Activities

Lake Day! 5 Lake Granby Activities

As we approach the month of August, the Colorado sun is shining bright over Lake Granby. And what’s summer without the occasional lake day? (or week!) Whether you’re visiting the charming mountain town or are a long-time Granby local, there is plenty to do on & around one of the largest bodies of water in Colorado!


Fish from It

Lake Granby is a sought-after Colorado fishing destination in both winter and summer. Catch a Kokanee Salmon, hook a Rainbow fish, corral a Cutthroat, or trap some Brown and Mackinaw trout. And the fun doesn’t stop when the lake freezes over! In January, Granby hosts the largest ice fishing tournament in the west, The Three Lakes Ice Fishing Tournament.


Camp Around it

There is something so peaceful about waking up adjacent to a body of water. Lake Granby is surrounded by lakeside lodging. Whether you choose to be a happy camper or spend the night with a solid roof over your head in a cabin, there’s lodging in Granby, Colorado, that will keep you near the water. Wake up, splash around, repeat!


Boat on It

Looking out upon Lake Granby is great, but why not spend some time on it? We have two marinas that offer boat rentals on Lake Granby. Choose from pontoon boats, fishing boats, catamarans, and more. Bring the whole family along on a 24’ pontoon boat or grab a two-seater catamaran for a romantic jaunt around the lake surrounded by Arapahoe National Forest.


Coast in a Canoe

If you’re interested in taking in the lake a little closer to the water’s surface, grab a paddle! Beacon Landing offers canoe rentals when the lake is thawed so you can explore your way around the headwaters of the Colorado River.


Float on It During Dinghy Days!

On July 20th, The Granby Chamber invites lake lovers to float around on their favorite inflatable at Dinghy Days. This can’t-miss inaugural event is a unique way to take in Lake Granby.

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