Old Gas Station Turned Talk of the Town

Old Gas Station Turned Talk of the Town

For the Mayor of Granby, Colorado, a crumbling gas station spelled out major opportunity for a quaint mountain town 80 miles west of Denver.


Small Town Leader Saw Big Opportunity

Mayor of Granby Paul Chavoustie comes from a real estate background and saw big potential for locals and visitors upon experiencing the small town of Granby, CO. He felt Granby was in a prime location but was undervalued and underrepresented. Locals saw the way Chavoustie could turn a building filled with trash into a town treasure and became adamant about him becoming their visionary. When a forlorn gas station served as the first site visitors saw upon arriving in Granby, the mayor knew something had to be done and purchased a large piece of land housing the abandoned pumps among other unused entities.

The Chamber’s New Home

The updated structure started to take shape just as the Granby Chamber was looking for a new headquarters from which to serve the community. The stars aligned! The Chamber loved the space and decided to lease a portion of it. The Granby Chamber felt they had found their new home not just because of its “rags to riches” story, but because the abundance of outdoor space was perfect for community events. The Granby Chamber didn’t need 4,000 square feet of operating space, however, so along came a number of other businesses.

The Gas Station Today

Today, what used to be an abandoned gas station is now the center of the small town of Granby, Colorado. When visitors make their way into Granby or locals head to Main Street for their morning cup of coffee, they see the furthest thing from a town in ruins.

The co-op space features businesses like Westside 40, an artisan market located just adjacent to the Chamber’s offices. The shop features unique souvenirs from local artists and vendors. Rocky Mountain Roastery, a coffee shop with an existing location in Fraser, is soon to make its debut in the space, and a bike rental shop called Granby Westside Cycles recently opened there.

Upon arriving on Main Street, stop into the Chamber for guidance on your visit, grab a cup of coffee, shop local treasures, and head out for a bike ride around the scenic town! These businesses work together to create an experience that is truly unique to the town of Granby.

Granby Events

Join us this summer for one of our many events held at this unique space!

Every Friday Night at the Lot
Play competitive cornhole, munch on food truck eats, and enjoy live entertainment every week.
RKY MTN WALLS Mural Festival
Watch top street artists paint breathtaking murals on downtown buildings.
Farmers & Artisan Market
Four times/ year, in July & August, head downtown for fresh goods and entertainment.

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