Paint the Town Red & Yellow & Green & … — RKY MTN WALLS Mural Festival

Paint the Town Red & Yellow & Green & … — RKY MTN WALLS Mural Festival

Street art is making its breathtaking mark on Granby, Colorado, in the best way, and visitors and locals alike are invited to witness its one-of-a-kind debut. Granby is partnering with Denver-based So-Gnar Creative Division to host the first ever RKY MTN WALLS, a Mural Festival on the town’s Main Street.

After So-Gnar created a mural in Granby just last year, the town decided to add even more pop to its landscape by replicating this form of expression up and down Main Street. The festival will take place June 19th-26th and is open to absolutely everyone, completely free. The town is inviting 16 talented artists, along with their own unique perspective, to paint the town red, yellow, blue, and an array of other colors in the form of murals.

Photo of mural

What’s so special about this event? It’s not just the awe-inspiring art, but the environmentally friendly form of travel the Granby Chamber boasts year-round. An Amtrak train is scooping the artists up at Union Station, a train station located in the heart of downtown Denver, and taking them straight to their canvases, buildings lining Granby, Colorado’s Main Street. Visitors are encouraged to hop on the Denver train for a stress-free commute to the Rocky Mountains!

The artists will collaborate in teams of two to create vibrant murals that inspire and encourage positivity. Artists bringing stunning street art to this small town will include:

Anthony Garcia Sr.
Armando Silva
Jaime Molina and Pedro Barrios
Josh Deitchman
Koko Bayer
Mike Graves
Pat McKinney
Pat Milbery
Rather Severe
Sandra Fettingis.

Step away from the city smog, experience the alternative and witness this inaugural event bringing a thriving local and national art scene to the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Come along for the ride as RKY MTN WALLS paints a bustling cultural legacy that Granby, Colorado can build upon for years to come. Visit the RKY MTN WALLS site to learn more.

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