The Great Cardboard Sled Race

Event Details

Due to Lack of snow and safety concerns this event has been cancelled.

We apologize for the inconvenience, this event will return in the future!

The Great Cardboard Sled Race

Saturday February 17, 2018

At Granby Trails

Create and Construct a Human Powered Cardboard Sled capable of withstanding a downhill run at Granby Trails.  How creative can you be using only cardboard as a building material?  Team Costumes are encouraged!  Does your team have what it takes to be crowned the Inaugural Great Granby Cardboard Sled Race Champion?!


Food Trucks and a Biergarten featuring Upslope Brewing Company and Never Summer Brewing will be providing treats and refreshments.  If you get cold, warm yourself up by the fire-pits with some Hot Cocoa or a Cup of Joe provided by Lion Head Coffee.

Registration & Race Times:

February 17, 2018

Registration: 10:00 am

Judging & inspection: 11:00

Races begin: 11:30am


Paper Picasso’s:  Most Creative Sled

Cardboard Casanova’s:  Best Looking Sled

Morale Multipliers:  Most Team Spirit

The Gunslinger:  Fastest Time (Class I/Class II)


Rules for sleds:

  • Safety and fun for all is our main objective
  • Competition is secondary
  • For your safety, please follow these rules.  Remember fun is a large portion of the sled race, show up with a smile and  willingness to help
  • This event is organized and run by hardworking volunteers who are here to enjoy the day as much as you and your team!


Construction Rules:

  • Your sled must pass inspection in order to be allowed on the hill
  • All participants must be able to stop their sled
  • Your sled must be free of sharp edges, pointy objects, or any other feature that may be deemed dangerous by the inspectors.  If you are unable to remove such objects from your sled, you will not be allowed to race
  • Only corrugated cardboard products may be used, held together with tapes & glues


    • Absolutely NO use of the following materials:
      • Corrugated plastics or other corrugated products
      • Cardboard that is bonded to other materials
      • Epoxy reinforced cardboard
      • Tar based substances
      • Epoxy glue
      • Fiberglass resin
      • Two-part varnished or any other two-part substances
      • Glues that harden into solids
      • Screws of any sort of materials, including plastics
      • Mechanical Fasteners
      • Nails
      • Staples, even covered with tape
    • Only seams and joints may be taped, not the whole toboggan


  • You must be able to stop your sled, keep this in mind when designing and building your sled

These rules are in place for your safety, and the safety of those coming down the hill after you.


  • The pilot must have read and understand the rules and register the sled
  • All riders must have read and understand the rules
  • If you do not pass inspection, you may not be allowed to participate or may not be allowed on the hill at all
  • All occupants of a sled MUST provide and wear protective head gear (i.e. bicycle helmet, ski helmet, motorcycle helmet, etc.)
  • No more than 10 occupants permitted on any one sled (1 pilot and 9 riders)
  • If you participate in pushing the sled on the top of the hill, you must ride the sled to the bottom of the hill
  • To qualify as a finisher, you must be in or on your sled, rather than chasing it, or being chased by it as you cross the finish line
  • If you have a fast time, you may race more than once
  • If you wish to race again or against someone of your choice, there will be match racing after the heats.  Talk to the registration desk about “Grudge Matches”


All participants must be able to stop their sled!

You must be able to explain or demonstrate the ability to stop your sled at the time of inspection.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification and/or  the sled will not be allowed to race.