Planning a golf getaway in Grand County is planning an adventure the avid golfer will never forget. Grand County offers highly awarded golf courses at a price almost 20%-30% more affordable than other mountain courses.


Grand Elk’s 18-hole golf course has received high accolades, receiving top honors from Golf Digest, Colorado Golf, and other regional and national golf publications.


Granby Ranch golf course offers 18-hole play for golfers of all levels. This scenic course consistently ranks as one of the top mountain golf courses in the state of Colorado.


A short distance from Granby is Grand Lake golf course and Pole Creek golf course. Each golf course in Grand County has it’s own unique features and are different from the course before. Each course is at most a 25 minute scenic drive from Granby. Grand Links is an organization that wants to see the avid golfer enjoy all the mountain golf Grand County has to offer, and will assist in planning your multi-course golf adventure.

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